James Franco
Film Sonnet 3

He walks mindlessly, maniacally
Across the desert, like a Sam Shepard man,
A man who has been down to Mexico to die
Of a broken heart but didn’t die,
So he comes back to Texas, and then to Los Angeles,
Because all the cowboys retired to the movies.
Now they don’t even make Westerns anymore.
Paris, Texas, the name of the place
Where he bought some land, like a slice of Paradise,
But only in his mind. The real place
Is just a deserted plain in the middle of nowhere,
And his wife is working in a peepshow palace,
And you never think, but you should,
He was too old and ugly for her in the first place.

Found In Volume 42, No. 05
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James Franco
About the Author

James Franco is an actor, director, writer, and artist. His first book of poems, Directing Herbert White, is forthcoming from Graywolf Press in 2014.