June 06, 2023
The APR Podcast: Poems for people who aren’t in the habit of reading poems

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Today on the show, Elizabeth Scanlon, Hannah Gellman and Steven Kleinman discuss:


the new issue of APR with Shane McCrae

An appreciation of Elaine Equi – “The Lonely Parade” in this issue, and “Sometimes I Get Distracted” 

Plus, a chat with Hannah re: recommending poems to those new to poetry. Poems mentioned:

Elizabeth Bishop “Filling Station,” 

Robert Hayden “Those Winter Sundays,” 

Robert Hass “Meditation at Lagunitas,” 

Angel Nafis “Woo Woo Roll Deep”  

Marie Howe, “What the Living Do” 

Books mentioned: Airea D. Matthews, Bread & Circus 

Marcy Dermansky, Hurricane Girl 


The American Poetry Review is a RADIOKISMET podcast.

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