Kirwyn Sutherland
Ars Poetica II

How I feel right now? Sharp pain/How I felt yesterday? Pain not as sharp but dull just as maddening to extract/How can I tell if I can’t see the wound? I am an academic. I study race, Jim Crow got wings and pseudopods I know its flapping in my belly, I know its squirming/How do I cope? I don’t, I wait for something that looks like a tongue blooming and I water it/How do you say that another way? I look for fire in the eyes of hurt and pray it becomes a superpower/How can you control the flame? That’s the point, I am looking for a loss of control/Do you think that will numb your pain?/ Do you think that will solve the problem? When has solving the problem been a solution. Like racism isn’t an equation there is no equilibrium. I can’t give racism back all it has given me/What has it given you? A gun mouth, a hair trigger, a bed of trippy nerves I sometimes call my body, blood for air, gills that only work one death at a time. Water as place to sit still and bury/Is that all? No, just all I can carry. There are tomes; microaggressions so plentiful you could lose yourself in the harvest if you open us up/Who is us? A wave peaking/Who is you? You is interrogative, You leaves riches of prescribed skin and digs up risk/What is there to lose? Height, Weight, Dimension, all that has bloated a phenotype/What is there to gain? Blood, thickness of vein, more people fit in You.


Found In Volume 47, No. 05
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Kirwyn Sutherland
About the Author

Kirwyn Sutherland is a Clinical Research Professional and poet concerned with black people in all aspects. He has made two National Poetry Slam Teams, in 2015 and 2016.  He has served as Poetry editor for APIARY magazine and is currently serving as List Editor/Book Reviewer for WusGood magazine.