Maya C. Popa

It must be that I make the dirge

in the wind up or else exaggerate,

or that these trees, sudden fruiting,

just as quick to drop their labors,

know something about patience I do not.


A patch of white clover

at the center of the field and children

racing in opposite directions.


Not who, but how will I love again

now that I’ve loved you—

not when, but why, and how, how.

Found In Volume 52, No. 06
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  • Maya C Popa
Maya C. Popa
About the Author

Maya C. Popa is the author of Wound is the Origin of Wonder (W.W. Norton 2022; Picador 2023) and the chapbook Dear Life (Smith|Doorstop 2022), which was shortlisted for the Michael Marks Awards (UK). Wound is the Origin of Wonder has been featured in The Washington Post, The Harvard Review, Booklist, and elsewhere. Her newsletter, Poetry Today, was named a 2023 Substack Featured Publication.