Matthew Draughter
Celestial-: On the Topic of Unloving

*featuring Minnie Riperton*


today i kissed a stranger

because the vibe was right


i felt his heart pulse

through eye contact

and lawd i got stuck starin like


lalalalala lalalalala lalalalala la la la la la


minnie keep singing to me

because your notes are almost as high as mi—


stop reading




pressed between a rock and masculinity

is the hard place

you keep reading me


this boy feels like unpacking

a new durag and finding a new way to lay my edges down.


make me keep play lovin you

when it’s not spring time

because your kiss


sits in my stomach like a seed

waiting to stick

its roots into the ground. springtime.


grow within

me like all of the seasons

transcreating a universe just for two


because lovin you feels

like when moses parted the red sea


and the israelites never knew god

was planning to have goddesses pick out their afros

and create rocket ships


to pierce stratospheres

break down blackholes 

and fall in love with nameless stars


just because the vibe is right




Found In Volume 49, No. 04
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  • Matthew Draughter
Matthew Draughter
About the Author

Matthew Draughter is a poet and producer, born and raised in New Orleans, currently residing in Portland, Oregon. His work spans the topics of race, sexuality, and masculinity through a queer, afro-centric lens.