Hugh Seidman
Dirt to Dirt

A few days to turn the pages.

Eyes worse by a half dioptor.


News furrowed on land or forehead. 

It is spring; none is returning.


Flesh pierced, unabated.

Doubled over yet straightened.

Found In Volume 25, No. 02
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  • Hugh Seidman
Hugh Seidman
About the Author
Hugh Seidman was born in Brooklyn. He is the author of several collections, including Collecting Evidence (1970), which won the Yale Series of Younger Poets Prize; Selected Poems: 1965–1995 (1995); People Live, They Have Lives (1992), which won the Camden Poetry Award; and Somebody Stand Up and Sing (2005), which won the New Issues Press Green Rose Prize. His poetry has been featured in The Best American Poetry (2002) and Broken Land: Poems of Brooklyn (2007).