Eileen Myles
Eileen's Vision

One night I was home alone

quite late past eleven

and my dog was whining and

moaning and I went over

to stroke her & pat

her & proclaim

her beauty &

then I returned

to my art review

but Rosie wouldn't

stop. Something was

wrong. & then

I saw her.

It looked like a circle

a wooden mouth

in the upper third

of my bathtub

cover which

was standing

on its side

it is the Lady I thought

this perfect sphere

on the wooden

bathtub cover

incidentally separating

kitchen &

middle room

in my home

where I

live &

work. That is

all. I'm just

a simple

Catholic girl

I had been

thinking, pondering

over my

review. That's

why it's 

so hard

for me but the

Lady came & 

she said, stay here

Eileen stay here

forever finding

the past

in the future

& the future

in the past

know that it's

always so

going round &

it is with

you when

you write


& she didn't

go, she

remains a stain

on the bathtub

cover, along with

many other stains,

the dog's leash &

half-scraped lesbian

invisibility stickers

and other less specific 

but equally permanent

traces of paper &

holes     four of

them and they

are round too

like the Lady

& I don't have to

tell anyone.

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Eileen Myles
About the Author

Eileen Myles is the author of more than twenty collections of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, plays and libretti most recentlySnowflake/different streets (poetry), Inferno (a poet’s novel)for which she won a Lambda book award, The Importance of Being Iceland/travel essays in art which was supported by a Warhol/Creative Capital art writers’s grant.