Matthew Rohrer
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Heartbroken over a football game, Autumn


evening, of this kind of thing I’m not ashamed


nor of the twistiness of that diction,


or wanting America to burn


though only certain parts deserve it,


its forests are beautiful and have done


nothing wrong, even the desert’s emptiness


though it terrifies me, is beautiful,


and tacos, and kebabs wrapped up in naan,


and today walking through the park I turned


to see dozens of bright white seagulls flocked


on the windy lake against the blue sky


and I felt an ache and I sent a text


to a friend I said TODAY I SAW FLOCKED




he wrote FOLLOW THEM it was too late



Found In Volume 50, No. 06
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Matthew Rohrer
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Matthew Rohrer is the author of eight books of poems, most recently The Sky Contains the Plans, published by Wave Books. He teaches at NYU and lives in Brooklyn.