Terese Svoboda
For They Know Not What They Do

There are soldiers in mother’s hair

and soldiers coming in the window.

Distracted? I am driven.

I can’t stop chattering

with history hissing its heat.


Grave raincoat-shouldered people

with their own histories, bad

histories, drink to their bitterness

and chide us for our efforts.

What is there other than I forget?


I can’t read the papers or your face

on the phone. Give it up is the answer, is

is the answer, aghast as a verb.

The rain’s washed most of our skin off.

How does it feel during a war?


A silence stirs.

Found In Volume 33, No. 03
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  • Terese Svoboda
Terese Svoboda
About the Author
Terese Svoboda’s books include Black Glasses Like Clark KentTin God, and Treason (Zoo Press, 2003).