Jay Hopler


What else is one to do — when one has so little and so little to look

Forward to? Today, I staked the tomatoes; tomorrow, it’s going to



A cool, wet spring and everything rotten —.


Forget about your bones,

This wet gets in the soul,


The spirit, whatever you

Want to call it, that pilot


Light we’re all so proud

Of, and makes you wish


Its sad dim flame would

Just hiss-out — the water-


Logged fronds of the tin

Palms dripping, the gate

Swinging, sodden, on its




          The thunder down its heavy leather

Lays and from the ruined garden by the lake a hazy murmuration

    lifts into the rain-lit

Air, blurs into the mists that swirl there,

Then settles in thin wing-swept breaths


Into the maidenhair —



          I have an idea, let’s all live forever!


If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, maybe I’ll water the tea roses; maybe

I’ll weed something.

Found In Volume 38, No. 03
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  • Jay Hopler
Jay Hopler
About the Author

Jay Hopler's book of poems, Green Squall (Yale University Press, 2006) was chosen by Louise Glück as the winner of the 2005 Yale Series of Younger Poets Award. He is Assistant Professor of English at the University of South Florida.