Luther Hughes

Too slave to mule a word, I relapse
            into him as he into me,


and for brief breaths it was just us,
            bound, stupid stallions laved


in love, twisting into each other
            as he strokes then settles—he is watching


me, holding me there as the sun,
            familiar now of our mythology,


leans into the wicker of trees,
            casting pink and orange and amber,


casting what some have gossiped
            as wonder or a type of wonder


that makes the crows allay their blackness.
            This vein of wonder wanders as a stream


in his eyes when he comes suddenly and not so.
            Dusk is juvenile. He gets up


and silence slides down his back.
            I look out the window.





Found In Volume 50, No. 02
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Luther Hughes
About the Author

Luther Hughes is the author of A Shiver in the Leaves (BOA Editions, 2022) and the chapbook Touched (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2018). He is the founder of Shade Literary Arts, a literary arts organization for queer writers of color, and co-hosts The Poet Salon podcast with Gabrielle Bates and Dujie Tahat.