Dara Wier
Hat On a Pond

Fish dragging banners behind them,

Expeditions to higher elevations,

Herd of white deer, half a red pear,

Throat of fingerdeep black fur,

Octagonal amber ashtray with a

Handful of bullets in it, sweeping

Up wooddust, sweeping up and down

Not against the grain, pitchers of

Icecold water, pitchers of gravel &

Sand, spine flickers, throat catchers,

Breaking string of black pearls,

Eyes in search of eyelids, handprint 

On thin air, footprints on thresholds,

Look out for falling cooks, make way

For Miss Thornbird, leaf loose on

Windowledge, black cat with white eye-

Mask, anyone with knowledge of, awestuck

Matchstick, scarlet blouse loose on

Fire escape, fish explaining to a hat

What it will do with the rest of its life.

Hat close, getting there.

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  • Dara Wier
Dara Wier
About the Author

Dara Wier’s most recent book is Remnants of Hannah (Wave Books, 2006).  Her work has been supported by the Guggenheim Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.  Her poems featured in The American Poetry Review were awarded the 2001 Jerome J. Shestack Poetry Prize; recent work has been selected for Best American Poetry 2002 and The Pushcart Prize 2002. She teaches in the program for poets and writers at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.