Tiana Clark
I Started Praying for You
Put my hands over 
the cage of bones
above your heart. 
I don't remember 
exactly what I said. 
You started to weep.
I know I said
God sees you
or I see you. 
I said something 
in your past
wants to be touched, 
healed. It was then
I knew I wanted 
to marry you. 
What is God to us now? 
We stopped going 
to church. In bed
our hands still 
find each other
to send up
prayers like we 
did that first night -- 
when I touched
the aching thing
inside the dip
of your chest. 
Found In Volume 46, No. 03
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  • Tiana Clark
Tiana Clark
About the Author

Tiana Clark is the author of Equilibrium, selected by Afaa Michael Weaver for the 2016 Frost Place Chapbook Competition. She is the winner of the 2017 Furious Flower’s Gwendolyn Brooks Centennial Poetry Prize, 2016 Academy of American Poets University Prize, and 2015 Rattle Poetry Prize.