Sophie Klahr


Where an edge should order, all is smear, blush:       


same cord grass, same song; 

     flash of wing, longing            









Why are we said to fall in love, and not to be cast?

The world is without waiver; There is nowhere

else to go









cast (v.) :           to throw something onto the seashore 

to make something (light or shadow)         appear in a place

          to introduce something    that reduces the happiness

                                                                                   of somebody                            

to generate               a sense of uncertainty      


to remove or banish     something from your mind     decisively, and often  

   with difficulty             to throw somebody or something           somewhere,                                                                                                  especially                         in a brutal way

            to select the players                  to mold           


to drop or lose something

to add or calculate something


to shed or leave something, for example, a skin








Here is another translation:


We sit watching fires the dusk

beach dwellers have set—


dusk at the same shore

where we first met. I thought


I’d only be allowed beauty like this once.

Even at dusk, something about the light


cast over the ocean is blinding,

a right-warm blinding, the very same way


we’ve always made each other happy.



Found In Volume 45, No. 06
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Sophie Klahr
About the Author

Sophie Klahr is the author of Meet Me Here at Dawn (YesYes Books, 2016).