John Yau
Letter from Marina

Amidst this haste and filth

beside river's black violin


its sluggish summer tune

should I tell you how


you hide the dead

without singing


Dear Ungovernable Lament

Are you like a log


abandoned on a road of young trees

Or is your life a stone



to bits


About the one of yourself

and the one of the one


that is not you

but is the memory of what you wanted


I have only this to say

how is your life with an image


Or has your memory started fading

until what you can pry loose


from the sea

is an island


etched in blue smoke

Dear Steam


How is your life with a stranger

from this world


the one we once walked in

argued over


and tried to burn

Found In Volume 28, No. 05
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  • John Yau
John Yau
About the Author
John Yau has published over 50 books of poetry, artists' books, fiction, and art criticism. He has been the Arts editor of The Brooklyn Rail since March 2004. He also runs a small press, Black Square Editions, which publishes translations, poetry, and fiction. Yau currently teaches art criticism at Rutgers University