Ira Sadoff
Like Magic

Just as I decide

There’s nothing true

About me (can’t tell


if I’m more despised

or ignored, my mind’s

warding off or reeling in


someone who could scald me

with a spoon of chatter),

just then I decide


in my seclusion, there’s a cabin

by the stream and the jangled speech

of a person is hushed enough


so I say Hello No One,


can you hear me?

In the rushes I spook


a few geese into flight.

Found In Volume 40, No. 05
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Ira Sadoff
About the Author

Ira Sadoff is the author of seven collections of poetry, including Barter, and Grazing (U. of Illinois), a novel, O. Henry prize-winning short stories, and The Ira Sadoff Reader (a collection of stories, poems, and essays about contemporary poetry).