Crystal Williams
Lingua Franca

Kennedy as to Pendergrass is as

Harvard as to Howard is as

Roller Derby as to Soul Skate is as

E Street Band as to Commodores is as

Farm to Table as to Fish Fry is as

Victory garden as to garden plot is as

Nancy Wilson as to Nancy Wilson is as

cummings as to clifton is as

Ice fishing as to shine-the-rims is as

College as to military is as

Rush as to Kanye is as

Joshing as to sike is as

Lifetime as to BET is as

Subaru as to Cadillac is as

Foster Wallace as to Morrison is as

Crocs as to Crocs is as

Burning Man as to — is as

Sinatra as to Vandross is as

Wachowskis as to Lee is as

Yoga as to your girls is as

Portland as to Detroit is as 

Bruce as to Pryor is as

Gap Year as to —  is as

NPR as to Tyler Perry as to

Ronald as to Malcolm is as

The Gilmore Girls as to Good Times is as

Brie as to American is as

Hockey as to basketball is as

Blume as to California Cooper is as

Camping as to ———

(I draw the line at camping. Fuck that).




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Crystal Williams
About the Author

Crystal Williams is the author of four collections of poems, most recently Detroit as Barn, finalist for the National Poetry Series, the Cleveland State Poetry Prize, and the Maine Book Award. She is a Professor of English at Bates College.