Susan Mitchell
Love Song

yes I went to the ocean
because I wanted to live expansively slopping
over recklessly
unheeding every warning I gave myself

take me I said to the ocean

do me up like the comics in lurid
golds and greens above the horizon clouds
big as boulders seemed about to topple ocean

I have not come to hear the tiny smack a snow-
flake makes touching down I have
come for the fizzy the bubbly the foam
my morning cappuccino drifting in

to lick you up to keep spooning miles of creamy
swirls unswirling who knows what sweet
new ideas trapped still frothing

call me extravagance call me lolling about

to loiter at the edge of amplitude why not

look how the ocean pushes up against me
its nakedness oiled and slathered how it showers
me in rhinestones and glitz

tomorrow it may come rolling in milks
and ermines three crones crooning

oh lambent umpires of the wily wastes should love
be given its own tense unfettered
by the pasts and futures

to found or to founder says the ocean

succeed or surcease cry the crones love is
the antidote to its own poisons

hwaet I say to the ocean chasing after it hwaet

does the ocean say that is one way to begin

does it cry tie yourself to the mast or
master your cry rage sing

the rage of or sing what is all the rage

oh those ragas those regal rags raging

Found In Volume 36, No. 06
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Susan Mitchell
About the Author

Susan Mitchell’s books include Rapture and Erotikon (HarperCollins). She teaches at Florida Atlantic University.