Tomaz Salamun
Nice Hat. Thanks.

Little burnt villages. Strong drinkers.

Incredible. Such is my influence.

We’re ducks.

I took the distribution and the title after Joshua.

Arms are a genuine feeling.

These are our mouths and palms.

Frogs are resoled.

O God, how near we are to each other.

We lick god’s mind and roll over like turtles.

The swallow’s dome has pity and destroys.

Heaps of sand. Mothers, mothers.

The enemy is tortured and juts out.

Mommy carries the chapter.

Found In Volume 36, No. 01
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  • Tomaz Salamun
Tomaz Salamun
About the Author

Tomaz Salamun is widely recognized as one of the leading Central European poets. He is the author of more than thirty collections of poetry in Slovenian, and has had books translated into most of the European languages. He lives in Ljubljana and occasionally teaches in the USA. His recent books in English are Row, Feast, A Ballad for Metka Krasovec, The Four Questions of Melancholy, Poker, Blackboards, and The Book for my Brother.