Anthony Piccione
Nightshift, Waiting for My Wife's Return

I have read all night at the kitchen table. Whenever

I look up, people are dying and being born over the earth. 

Late moonlight pulls me to my feet in forgetfulness

and because I love her, I go outside to stand with them,


the maples, the pines, and am received without fear or need.

Leaves keep scrabbling around the cabin woods and then silence

in the half dark. Overhead a tiny light, something,

shaves the enormous cold and is gone. My scalp knows it.

Found In Volume , No. 03
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Anthony Piccione
About the Author
Anthony Piccione's first book, Anchor Dragging, was chosen by Archibald MacLeish for BOA's New Poets of America series. His poetry also appeared in numerous literary publications including the Ohio ReviewThe Literary ReviewCoffee House, and Web del Sol
Piccione died after a brief battle with cancer on November 18, 2001.