Jack Myers
On Earth As It Is in Heaven

I built a ladder

in the sky

out of my life.


But there was nowhere to step off.


Who’s ever think I’d end up being what I built?


I thought I’d leave the ladder behind

like footprints that suddenly stop.


The idea being, when I was done,

others could use what I built.


I was about to shut down

“It’s no use!”


when whatever happened next—

the pride I felt in being lost again,

the thought of you,

or the feathery night moth

who, landing in the garage door’s electric eye

miraculously held it up; it was a rung, a life.

Found In Volume 32, No. 03
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Jack Myers
About the Author

Jack Myers is the author of more than a dozen books of poetry, was the Poet Laureate of Texas, and is a professor at Southern Methodist University.