Peter Money

Ghost light, haze, a choking

or an embrace long from

hiding? Fog, the formidable hand

coats every surface, impairs

the block. Old paint bubbles

from boards while inside

we shrink at our tables, comfort

ourselves with out own stiff arms,

turn on the light. Earth outside

stretches forth as a still blind

pup to the tit it must, it must,


Found In Volume 27, No. 01
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Peter Money
About the Author
Peter Money's books of poetry include hybrid works such as the prose-poem sequence with Saadi Youssef, To day- minutes only (2004); the poetry/music collaborationBlue Square (2007); Che: A Novella In Three Parts(2010); and a book of translations, with Sinan Antoon, of the Arab Modernist Saadi Youssef (2012). His most recent book is American Drone: New and Select Poems (2013).