Wendy Xu
Poem for Feeling's Sake

Morning with a feeling to walk

Limbs churning through air and the traffic so polite


Where the past meets the day’s magnetosphere

a hectic body, growing older and more unknown

            as the mood turns


Trees in the plaza boxing for sky

Something dry and melancholy rustling underfoot


I passed the sunburned outline of a vine against the garden’s pale wall

One bud in the neighbor’s gutter

                      the other reaching as it opened


Who am I to think about philosophy, money?

Reading books in my sweltering private factory

When the color of the hour was really gemstone chiffon

                          swirling in a giant god’s eye


When time coughed me up naked and dazzling

I was hungry for nectarines and heavy cream

Fish heads in broth, sprouted white beans


While up from here, past a cool starry nothingness:

                                 infallible satellites roaming in description


           their chrome rabbit-ears tweaking out human signs


Found In Volume 50, No. 05
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Wendy Xu
About the Author

Wendy Xu is most recently the author of The Past (Wesleyan 2021), and Phrasis (2017), named one of the 10 Best Poetry Books of 2017 by The New York Times Book Review. Her work has appeared in The Best American Poetry, Tin House, Granta, Poetry, The New Republic, Conjunctions, and widely elsewhere. She teaches poetry at The New School in New York City.