Kaveh Akbar
Political Poem
it's true I’ve worn your nightgown in fact I am wearing your nightgown
lonely as I am these days it is almost like wearing you which I used to do so often and with such zeal 
                                           as I recall my parents would hot glue my dolls’
clothes to my dolls so full I was even then of curiosity and yes lust 
                                                                                                           did you
have something like this       urgent and wet as a lung?         I never wanted you more
than when we wept into each other’s T-shirts through an entire rodeo the gloom cancering up from the bulls to the clowns to us      
                                                                            who would even want
to inherit this kingdom now the lessness of it the acres of herbicide better we stick to our little apartments fasting until we can bear
to eat                                 
                                                                     before you left
you said miserable boy you call that an outpouring of grief? then soft as a smoke ring
blown through a smoke ring you sliced my ear off and sighed hard into the pink flesh underneath           
                           it’s horrifying to think of yourself as a sum of your parts
an obelisk of bone built around a bag of acid or some penetrable ritual of fluids
and air      
                   O President Earth, I will not vote for you again!    
                                                                                                       it’s so humid here
even my books are starting to mold I think they want to become 
fish if I had a staircase there would be a giant squid hiding
underneath it        
his tentacles would be long enough to shred the whole world to smithereens
Found In Volume 46, No. 04
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Kaveh Akbar
About the Author

Kaveh Akbar founded and edits Divedapper. His debut collection, Calling a Wolf a Wolf, is forthcoming with Alice James Books in early 2018, and a chapbook, Portrait of the Alcoholic, was published by Sibling Rivalry Press in January 2017.