Edgar Kunz
Shoulder Season

A few weeks in I begin

to get a feel for it. Cutting


glass from sheets wide

as twin beds to replace


the island’s blown-out panes,

I drag a scoring knife


along the Sharpie line, slide

a pencil under and let


each plate drop, gently,

so they break clean. 


I go from cottage to empty

cottage, thumb the glazing,


hide the seams. Cormorants

on the far rocks shaking out


their wings and calling.

Late sun striking the Atlantic


like a gong. Running out

of windows, I slow my pace,


make sloppy cuts I know

won’t fit. I toss them in the bin


and order more sheets

from Portsmouth, then spend


the day imagining fresh glass

riding out on the single-


engine boat, nested

with cotton blankets in the hull.


How long can I go on

not finishing? Radio says falls


are lasting longer and longer.

The weather could hold.




Found In Volume 51, No. 02
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Edgar Kunz
About the Author

Edgar Kunz is the author of Fixer (Ecco, 2023) and Tap Out (Ecco, 2019). He has been a National Endowment for the Arts Fellow, a MacDowell Fellow, and a Wallace Stegner Fellow at Stanford University. He lives in Baltimore and teaches at Goucher College.