Brenda F. McMillan
Soul Food She

snap peas

hoppin john

she can't stay still,

got travelin shoes.


she blackeye peas

cornbread kisses

sho taste good,

with greens on the side.


macaroni and cheese

hot and greasy

lord have mercy,

she can burn.


sweet potato pie

yam harvest mama

can make a strong man

scream orka.


big leg barbecue gal

sho nough spicy.


jerk chicken.


do she wrong,

she'll wring your neck.


suck the marrow

from your bones.

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  • Brenda McMillan
Brenda F. McMillan
About the Author

Brenda F. McMillan’s poetry and fiction has appeared in Mad Poets Review, Schuykilland Callaloo