Dorothea Lasky
Strange Humor

The key to surviving in here

Is to pretend every room is haunted

Even when it isn’t

All these old buildings

Everything still lives here


For years I have woken

In the middle of the night

Knowing that she sits there

Yes she’s looking at me

Yes she has something to say


She never does though

All these old buildings

Thick against the day sky

The key to surviving here

Is to pretend each moment is haunted


All these old buildings

Are thick domes

Against the night sky

So I took a picture

I took a picture of them


While we were walking

Under layers of fruit and flowers

All these old buildings

Somehow I know she’s still watching

She still has something to say




Found In Volume 52, No. 05
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Dorothea Lasky
About the Author

Dorothea Lasky is the author of  Milk, Rome, Thunderbird, Black Life, and AWE. Her next book, The Shining, will be published by Wave Books in October, 2023. Her essay collection, Animal, was also published by Wave Books in 2019.