Melissa Hotchkiss
Thank You for Dying With Us

My nephew Caleb, believes Jesus is a rabbit
Waiting for take-out at an Indian restaurant
I misread ‘Thank you for dining with us’
A rabbit, my sister mentioned

In a nutshell I might describe a knight 
As a foot soldier who can afford a horse

‘Jesus,’ I say as I sit, ‘Do you believe
this world to be an unstable location?’

‘Why yes,’ the rabbit replies, ‘there are blind faults, 
words sans serif, and don’t be deceived by star fish,
they are sly predators.’

‘Rubbish.’ I say, for I prefer English
‘Has Santa ever brought you a present, Jesus?
I wouldn’t think Santa forgets you.’

In a harsh climate, an animal can’t help
But to become superior

Only as example I then remember
The Icelandic horse, a hearty breed

Jesus disturbs my thoughts: ‘As a collective mind
we would lapse without forgiveness as an option.’

‘I know.’

As land mass, finally, once became critical 
My curry my dinner, is ready

Found In Volume 39, No. 04
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Melissa Hotchkiss
About the Author

Melissa Hotchkiss’s first book of poems, Storm Damage, was published by Tupelo Press. Her poems and prose have appeared in numerous publications such as, The New York Times, Free Inquiry, LIT, 3rd bed, Lyric Poetry Review, Upstairs at Duroc, and the New Virginia Review. Melissa is one of the editors of Barrow Street Press and lives in New York City with her dog Jesse.