Dana Levin
The Golden Man

And the acids came and washed him, yea, I was making the little man.
With tweezers and tongs from the lead I burned him,
       scoured, boiled, salted, moistened.
Hello in there I said to the Dragon, I made him fume with pins
I fixed him I made him cry in sulphur and copper I was making
       the little man—
Golden lion with smoke for wings, melted, powdered, fat and liquid,
I built him up, I washed him down, I brushed himn with bristles
       from the back of a mare,
I made him fume, the golden man, his eyes his mouth his golden head,
Hello in there I said to the Dragon, I pinched him close, I pinched his mouth,
       I stoppered him up, I shut his smoke.
Look I said pressing my chest to the glass, My heart, my blistered hands.

Found In Volume 29, No. 01
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Dana Levin
About the Author

Dana Levin’s books are In the Surgical Theatre, winner of the 1999 APR/Honickman First Book Prize, Wedding Day, and Sky Burial (Copper Canyon Press).