Darius Simpson
This City Got Its Head on Backwards

there’s an eviction notice for a sidewalk

houseless encampment next to a Tesla

repair shop next to a Whole Foods next

to an open patch of land with a “FOR

LEASING” sign next to university housing

the mayor’s house is a stone’s throw from

a bucket of stones gossiping about un-lit fires

making no dents in city council meeting minutes

if survival was on the agenda we wouldn’t have

human floods in the streets every three years

good-hearted citizens shed sympathetic tears

on the morning commute to blood money

liberal imaginations take weekdays off

the weekends too—if the price is right

Found In Volume 51, No. 04
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Darius Simpson
About the Author

Darius Simpson is from Akron, Ohio. He was a recipient of the 2020 Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowship.  Currently he lives in Oakland, CA where, as a Teaching Artist, he partners with organizations to facilitate writing and performance workshops throughout the Bay Area.