Matthea Harvey
Toe the Line with Me

We needed water & frozen water

for the party. I chose you to two-step


with but the downstairs chandelier

stayed still, its prisms prim.


Consider this: if sunfish

& ducks compete for the same bit


of bread, at any moment their mouths

might meet. That’s how my mother


explained the Other, told me to hedge

my bets, furl wish-scrolls into


the topiary.  Still I had questions

about Life & the Afterlife. You


looked in through the screendoor.

I sat next to my ex.

Found In Volume 32, No. 02
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  • Matthea Harvey
Matthea Harvey
About the Author


Matthea Harvey’s is the author of Modern Life (Graywolf, 2007).  She teaches poetry at Sarah Lawrence College and lives in Brooklyn, NY.