Alicia Ostriker
What Do You Remember?

I remember when I was born

said the old woman, it was so cold

it hurt so much

and giving birth hurt also

but often there was joy

always at birth there’s joy

and I am grateful for that


I remember it was not so easy

said the tulip

having to be beautiful

having to apply my blusher

and my dark streaks

in that unpredictable weather

as my contract required


Leading the double life that I do

while I’m licking my master’s hand

and he’s saying good boy

guess what

I remember furry wrestling, nipping napes

and the sweet little nipple

said the dog

Found In Volume 41, No. 03
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  • Alicia Ostriker
Alicia Ostriker
About the Author

Alicia Ostriker’s most recent book is The Book of Life: Selected Jewish Poems, 1979 - 2011 (Pittsburgh, 2012).