Diane Wald
Working Off It

He says if the natural work is natural next week—meaning his natural world

of course and there's no way to tell about that—if the natural world is natural

then there won't be any reason to worry will there and she says yes. She means

no and it is taken so and she appears to be going back to her fine work and it

appears that everything is normal. And then later when they are alone he says

if the genuine attitude of not knowing weren't real—but of course it is, he

comments, and what can she say—if that weren't real then maybe if all the

other things fell in place—but of course they couldn't, he comments, and she

agrees in part at least and she says so, briefly—but just if all of that were true,


Found In Volume 28, No. 06
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Diane Wald
About the Author

Diane Wald's most recent poetry collection is Wonderbender (1913 Press, 2011). She has published poems in literary journals and magazines including Skanky Possum, Fence, The Hat, Verse, and The Paterson Review.