Stephen Kuusisto
Blind, I bought a horse


Blind, I bought a horse

Not to ride, though some would

My wife for instance—

No I bought him because

Of his loneliness


Orphic horse retired

From the track

Left standing in a stall


Have I mentioned his neck?

It’s long as Noah’s hope

For new sun—

Il miglior fabbro

I whispered

To the greater maker…





Found In Volume 51, No. 03
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Stephen Kuusisto
About the Author

Stephen Kuusisto is the author of the memoirs Have Dog, Will Travel: A Poet’s Journey; Planet of the Blind (a New York Times “Notable Book of the Year”) and Eavesdropping: A Memoir of Blindness and Listening and of the poetry collections Only Bread, Only Light; Letters to Borges; and Old Horse, What Is to Be Done?