Christian Gullette
City Bees


People buy artisanal honey

            near the rainbow crosswalk.


Men are all working on balance

            inside a gym.


I translate a Swedish cookbook that says

           we should eat for Wellness.


If you don’t use new vocabulary

          at least three times, it vanishes.


In the Castro, there are few reminders

         of those lost to AIDS – 


a shuttered funeral home,

         a forgotten legacy slated


for condos. Lamp posts plastered

        with party posters


of boys in jockstraps.

       When I was young,


I feared I’d grow up and never

       be touched.


Found In Volume 51, No. 03
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Christian Gullette
About the Author

Christian Gullette's poems have appeared or are forthcoming in journals such as The Yale Review, Kenyon Review, New England Review, Pleiades, and Northwest Review. He was a finalist for the 2021 Four Way Books Levis Prize, the 2021 Autumn House Press Poetry Prize, the 2021 Diode Editions Poetry Prize, the 2021 Black Lawrence Press Hudson Prize, and the 2021 University of Akron Poetry Prize. He is the Editor-in-Chief of The Cortland Review