Lydia Tomkiw
Tender Red Net

Sex alert relaxes

Stops, sir, in mad telephone men. Oh pox as damn iris spots.

Deb gals, damned as nuns. A den: mad, slag bed.

Murmurs: you bat at a baby’s rum-rum

Riot: tab abattoir.

Oh, who can go cognac, oh who?

Snub-nose vile dude lives on buns:

Epic err recipe.

A dog, a Panama man, a pagoda.

Go bop, meter us, ma’am — sure tempo bog.

Sun evasion, “No” is a Venus:

Tender red net

Tense semen parts madam’s trap: nemeses net —

No sin, unison.

Raw as is a banal luna, a null anabasis, a war.

Yell amid a dim alley.



Found In Volume 51, No. 03
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Lydia Tomkiw
About the Author

Lydia Tomkiw (1959 – 2007) was an American poet, singer, and songwriter, best known for her work with the new wave musical group Algebra Suicide. Her collected works, Lydia Tomkiw Poems, was published by Universal Exports of North America in 2020.